Samantha's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Thinking about getting your valentine a card this year? Chocolate? Flowers? It's time to skip the cliché and get them something that will satisfy on another level. I've put together a list of sexy items that I haven't been able to put down this year.


Chakrubs makes some of the most unique and beautiful products in the toy game. They are really more like works of art than toys. Each piece is hand-crafted from natural crystal and has inherent healing properties derived from the crystal's molecular structure. The experience is part sexual, part sacred, and one that will open you up in ways you didn't know were possible. When I first picked one up I would just use it to get off, but I continue to derive more and more benefits from it every day. It's starting to become more of a lifestyle. If you decide to embark on the Chakrubs journey, I'd recommend picking up one of their workbooks as well (they are hugely helpful for getting the most out of the experience). If your Valentine is in tune with their energetic body systems and/or just likes really nice things, this will be a gift they'll never forget.

Chakrubs (starting at $49.99)
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Wedge/Ramp by Liberator

When they say this is the greatest invention for sex since the bed, I can't argue. I've had this wedge and the more affordable BonBon (with a toy mount hole) for about a year now, and I have to say they have been life-changing. The path to endless orgasms starts with relaxed composure and hitting the right angles. These products enable that like nothing that's ever come before. I guarantee this will make your Valentine's Day (and year) much better.

Wedge/Ramp Combo ($199.99)
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Position of the Day Playbook

Tired of doing the same 5 positions? Well guess what - there are literally 365 different ways you can explore the ins and outs of your lover. This book is seriously a lot of fun. Someone gave it to me as a gift a while back and it has forever lived next to my bed. Some of the positions in here are physically very difficult or involve furniture that may not be accessible in the bedroom, but I'm always up for a good challenge. Even if you don't get this for Valentine's Day, this is an easy go-to gift for a lot of occasions.

Position of the Day Playbook ($11.39)
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Jelly by Unbound

Unbound makes a ton of cool products that are fun, playful, well-designed, and work really well. I've been loving their Jelly product lately. They use high quality / safe ingredients and it smells really good! I mostly use it with toys (important for getting those Solo videos started) but I've also tried it a couple times during sex. It's water-based so if I want to get a lil anal action in, it's a necessity.

Unbound Jelly ($13.00)
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Vesper by Crave

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Sophistication isn't a word usually paired with vibrators, but Vesper's Crave delivers a level of elegance that will make you want to show it off. It's part jewelry, part wearable tech, and part powerful vibrator. Its quiet motor and small form factor make it surprisingly discreet, but its beautiful design begs you to wear it out to dinner. I use mine almost every time I have sex (you've probably seen it in one of my videos) because it's so easy to keep wrapped around my wrist and it can be used in any position in combination with any other toy or furniture. At $69.00, I can't recommend this more for any female in your life.

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace ($69.00)
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Burn by Maude

Nothing says 'special night' like a massage candle. If you've never used one, they are basically a combination between a candle and massage oil. You light the candle, let it burn a bit until you see liquid, and then pour it on the skin. It's romance meets fetish. I've tried a couple similar products but Maude's Burn no. 1 is my favorite. The ingredients are great, the scent is great, and it works well on the skin.

Maude Burn Massage Candle ($25.00)
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